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Episode 2. Kellyanne vs The Bleak City Saint. Fuck intergender wrestling. We just like wrestling.I told Kellyanne not to get involved with wrestling on this platform. She got involved in wrestling on this platform.The Bleak City Saint is not a man to jump. Kellyanne...

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In the first episode we find the Tiger - Tome Filip vs the Bleak City Saint - Aiden Miller. Tiger Tome Filip is trapped. Everyone wants more of the same. The more he tries to give people their dose of the same, the more he loses sense of what it is he wants to achieve...

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If you are here it's because you know something is wrong. The Other Side is the world of black and white for those who are sick and tired of colour. The Other Side is a place where those who need to be the best come in order to display their talent as it deserves to...

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