We’ve somehow managed to let this all get out of hand. You’ve removed and voided personality, congratulations. Now it’s just a big ocean of popular sentiment being bounced from one empty body to the next. 


Naughty Jimmy was in the hot water for talking about bottoms. One of Jimmy’s class mates had accused him of going on a boistrous rant when drawing the number eight. “You know what I like about the number eight, Elgin? I like the way it sits on the side of itself and looks like a giant bottom! Matter of fact, I always write my eights larger than any other number so I can picture myself in garden of eden, hiding somewhere between the fruit tree and a herd of edible creatures; there is a patch of tall grass and I make sure I’m covered only to see Eve, nude of course, facing away from me picking chestnuts from the ground. Big, perfectly rounded number eight on its side. Splendid. Yes, Elgin, the number eight.