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Dealing with covid.

The best way to deal with covid is to tell everyone about how you’re dealing with covid. It also helps if you believe the person you are speaking to is your subordinate. It’s not good enough to just ‘deal with covid’ if you’re dealing with covid. If you’re dealing with covid there is no way you can keep that to yourself, you have to tell others about the obstacle covid was creating for you, then, how you dealt with it. Be careful of using the word ‘overcome’.

Whatever is happening to you now is worse than what was happening to you pre-covid. It doesn’t matter if you were suffering from depression pre-covid, you were suffering under what you may deem as “non-oppressive” circumstances eg: why does everyone have this and I do not. Why does everyone else seem to happy on facebook yet here I am complaining about them to my friends etc. Now, things are ten times as worse. You are now being oppressed by a virus and a government instead of your own lack of unstanding towards the self. People enjoy this new oppressive force ( enjoy disliking it ). Make sure you tell people about how oppressive this has been.

TLDR: Tell people how you are dealing with covid in order to deal with covid. Use the word oppressive. Tell everyone your life has done a “180”