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People don’t think a lot of thought and effort goes into these videos. People, people, people. Picked the people, pepper. Day after day Little Hans’ procrastinates, thinking about anything other than what the reality of wrestling is today. That’s why when ROH wanted first hand paranormal/cryptid?/nightmare stories we thought that there was nothing better one could do but explain the nightmare of what it was to be a wrestler. The nightmare of being a wrestler whilst still actually wanting to wrestle an opponent, and not just anyone ( eg: a wrestler friend from facebook ), someone who you genuinely dislike. 

No doubt you think I’m insane – “The nightmare of being a wrestler whilst still actually wanting to wrestle an opponent, an adversary, an adversity“…but, hear me out. We live in a non-confrontational society today, most of the attacks are done through cloak and dagger social media shenanigans. Even if you don’t like another wrestler and they don’t like you, chance is, instead of using that tension to instigate an in-ring bout,  they will just complain about you to management “She/he is shit” or “She/he has an ego” the list goes on and generally the winner is decided by who has friends in better places within the company. With the video we did not want to tackle the topic head on due to its sensitive nature. Sensitive in the sense where everyone is guilty and do not want to be reminded of what they have done.

Instead, we opted for a poorly written poem that explains the problem in a round-about way. Adding in a nice, royalty free, eerie soundtrack which really makes you feel the frustration of being caught in this time ( not just 2020 and covid, see “How to deal with covid” article ).

When they told us about the “ROH Strange” program, I personally, lacking any life experience except watching TV – likened it, through all my unoriginality, to the Simpsons Tree House of Horrors, the only one I could remember was the first edition, featuring Edgar Allen Poe poem:The Raven. To keep the supernatural theme we added a ghost wallpaper, and a ‘warm’ old-style, edison-like, light bulb. We put the pauses in-between the verse because people don’t seem to have the attention  span to watch the same shot for more than 10-12 seconds ( 2015 it was said to be about 8 from a study microsoft conduncted )