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Episode 3: What the hell is going on here?

Dudes! Have you seen how many local promotions are popping up? Not only that, have you seen the actual quality of what is happening? Quality in the sense of meaning. Eg: X punched Y in the face because of _ ?

This is ridiculous. A fucking plague of stupidity has infected the Australian wrestling contingent. They are all after each other’s blood, they want this promotion to close down, they want that wrestler canceled, this wrestler promoted to god-tier, they, they, they want nothing.

There is nothing to have. What do you think you want?

Market share? The majority of promotions are covered by the government to get by. No one is making money ( I mean real, make a living money ). So why are you doing this for? If you love wrestling I GUARANTEE you, you don’t love it for the product that it has become in the last 5-10 years. Do you do it for the fans? For the wrestlers? Yet, they are all preaching these high social values and giving/contributing nothing back to the “wrestling community” but their resentment towards phantom enemies.

There is no elation in all of this, maybe for 2 seconds when someone can applaud out of sympathy, but as far as a long-term outlook for wrestling entertainment…..we’re screwed.

All you have to do is take a look at the faces in the crowd.

Just try and stomach watching a show that is not somehow connected to a friend you know, or that you’ve been given to review for free. You can’t.