Wrestling the top guys.

In wrestling, wrestling the top guys is/was easily my least favorite experience. It always came with layer upon layer of bullshit that never added up. Added up? Added up in the sense of: you vs them, it’s going to be 5 minutes and they are going to win. You’ve agreed to do whatever they want to do in order to help further their reign and make them look great. So, what the fuck is up with this cunt? 

First of all, if one goes around thinking they’re top guy at a company that pulls in 300 audience members a month, then there’s already a cancer growing inside this persons mind. Secondly, these people are generally younger with little to no life experience – so they reference behaviour from youtube shoot interviews. and old timer’s stories of breaking legs in the gym in order to gain traction on how they should handle themselves. 


It’s fucked. Can you believe the bunch of fuckwits that are in control handed the keys over to another fuckwit? Yes. 

The company has gotten together and decided that this person is going to be their champion.

This person?

This sack of shit who is going out of there way to be stand-offish, dismissive, and deliberately trying to look like their mother has died as they get around the venue? 

Good choice. 


Not only will it demotivate you, it will instantly skew your views on camaraderie backstage. When they isolate themselves they are telling you that they don’t want to be around others. Their time is important. So, why aren’t they putting their time into their character? Or how to entertain the crowd? Because they are that good they just know what to do when they’re out there? Ooooffff, big call. Remember, the most we’re attracting is 300 live people. Obviously their charisma is limited. Why wouldn’t they want to go the extra mile to learn their opponent, what they can/can’t do and put something together so they can aim for 301 next week? 

Because wrestling, a collective sport, is not about each other; only about you. People used to wrestle for the card. Now they only wrestle with their own personal experience ( which is completely fictionalized on recollection ) in mind. 

What good is being the champion if no one is talking about you the next day? 

So, champ. What are you going to do in order to get people talking the next day?

You’re already unhappy with yourself, we can tell that from your demeanor. You don’t want to talk to anyone who is not agreeable about what you should/shouldn’t do, AND because you’re going out there doing the same thing, the same moves and the same match ( just honing it to your opponents moves, and not the man ) your popularity has plummeted.

Seems like you’re fucked. 

Lucky you got some friends in WWE. I’m sure your luck will change over there. 

My mistake.  

I still blame management for the absolute shit-heap that independent/corporate wrestling is today.

But, fuck me. The people ‘on top’ sure do make it hard for themselves. 

You used to be able to escape the top guys by just focusing on low/mid card, but some time 2018 management fucked that up as well giving all those matches 12-15 minutes.

Absolute fucking morons.