08/05/19 – Alan Payne is a regular guy. He has a regular job and does regular things. I believe in Alan Payne – he’s regular. He gets along with his fellow man, and as a wrestler, he gels well with everyone backstage.  He has a son like some of the other wrestler’s, and always puts his son first. He enjoys various types of take-out foods. He enjoys talking about the mechanics of his wrestling bouts with people who are wrestling enthusiasts, even though sometimes it compromises the integrity of the story surrounding them. He has a regular move-set. I believe in Alan Payne.


He asked for everything to be centered.
Here is Alan with son, Pierrot. Fun loving and never one to take himself too seriously; he puts others in front of him when it comes to life fulfillment, that way he can guarantee that he never gets lazy as there is always something to do or someone to help.

We all need help. 

I believe in Alan Payne.